Not how much you love me, but how good you feel in loving me

By | August 15, 2020

Do you love me?


How much do you love me?

Thiiiiiiiis muchhhhhhh …….(spread hands and emphasized words)


Spread hands and emphasized heavy words.. so what should be the units of love.. Kilometers or Kilograms?

Well make it in light-years to show your affection.. it has a punch. Tell them, “I love you millions of light years”


Is love a quantifiable thing to be measured?

How much luv..

Well, seeking affirmations is quite humane, be it romance or friendship or whatsoever. And we use these questions quite often when their mannerism makes us feel some decrease in the love quotients.

But is love something quantifiable? something measurable..?

More than that, ‘how much love’ indicates a kind of selfishness.

It’s good to hear, “You mean the world to me”. But ensure that world is comforting to them too.

What if they were just forced to love back only because you love them? Is that what you really wanted, a one sided sacrifice by them always?

How good you feel in loving me?

While receiving their light-years of love response, give a thought how good they actually feel in loving you.

Try to know if they are okay in loving you and if they are at ease with your love.

Ensure that your selfishness, possessiveness or comfort is not becoming a stress factor on their heartbeats.

Love is not a thing to be forced upon. It shouldn’t be at the cost of anyone’s comfort or freedom

Having said all these, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at maintaining the relationships. Do whatever makes you happy and comfortable. And own whatever you do. (Read more Relationships.. a lot of work..??)

Rapport with freedom, root of happiness

When the waves are free, love responds tremendously as love is an offspring of freedom.

Love is a free falling rain

which can never end,

which can never tie you down,

which can only set you free.

It gives wings to fly. And happiness lies at that rapport with freedom.

Living in assumptions is bondage

Leaving it to realities is freedom

And we all love to get wet in that rain of oneness where the dual world becomes one without losing oneself. It’s that oneness binding us which doesn’t ask us to do love but it just happens effortlessly.

Love not to be measured, but to be felt and shared

Every time, when someone sees something in me more than just what is seen the eyes of the world, I get a soft kiss of a dew drop on my heart’s pane.

Yes, love is to be felt and shared and not measured !

So ask your loved ones “How good you feel in loving me, not much how much you love me”

4 thoughts on “Not how much you love me, but how good you feel in loving me

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks shweta.. we cannot say like it won’t take effort.. it is true that happens freely, but one must put in effort to maintain the relationship..we shouldn’t leave it unattended too

  1. parneetsachdev

    I really like the ‘free falling rain’ aspect of love. You’ve so wonderfully penned.
    A great blog. Discovered by chance.
    please do keep writing

    1. Akhila Post author

      I’m much delighted with your kind happy that you said it. Really appreciates your time spent on my posts…thanks a lot..(sorry for being late to reply)


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