When the words undress me..

By | August 29, 2020

Letters are a way of my survival, the heartbeats that bypassed the brain waves. And writing, the unpaid mental therapy!!

When the thoughts go crazy,

when the words undress me,

I know I am back to the naked self.

I write to express my self, I write what I feel, what I feel only. I’m just bleeding out the intoxicated me and sometimes reflecting others. And it doesn’t imply, I’m going through it at the very moment. It might be some feels in past, present, even in future or just thought experiments.

Thoughts are nothing but the energy in motion

Words are nothing but the energy of notion

My weirdness is totally aligned to my real life stories and thought experiments. Some of my scribbles take birth even before I realize what I am gonna scribble. And at times it comes true so weirdly as if the words are flying in and evolving themselves !!

Not me writing the words, but words writing me!!

When the words undress me, the ink starts bleeding letters and the words delineate my impulsive notions.

I love to decode signs from the universe. Yes, I believe in those conspiracies of the world

So this is my words and notion, wordsandnotion.com

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