How to unlearn the Learned helplessness ?

Did this thought “I have tried everything, still it’s is going beyond my controls, feeling helpless, so let it be somehow now” ever crossed your mind?

Not your blame, but self-taught

You are stressed and exhausted. But you haven’t’ tried everything. Instead unconsciously got tuned to the helplessness. This happens with all of us at some stages in life. But what natters is how we acknowledge it, how we accept it and how we put in effort to unlearn this learned helplessness.

(well, Learned helplessness is a term coined in 1967 by the American psychologists Martin Seligman and Steven Maier. It results from negative conditioned learning)

Limiting beliefs and Poor self reliance

‘To know from where this learned helpless arrives ‘ is very much essential if you really wanna get rid of this. It could be due to the limiting beliefs or poor self reliance.

Most of the times deciding is the difficult part but what’s more dispiriting is forgetting about our own soul which was ready to strive since ages, no matter what.

The soul doesn’t like to be captive. Don’t try to cut it’s wings with the limiting beliefs. Free it. Let it fly.

There is none other than yourselves who can hold your own soul.

And most importantly, “Be a self made person”

Be self with your own self

Be dependent on yourself

Be in love with yourself

Be busy with yourself

Be true to yourself

You are one of a kind, there is none to replace you. If you can’t help yourself who else can? Read more on Why you should not forget the relationship with yourself ?

Psyche yourself up by unlearning learned helplessness

  • Don’t fill your mind with limiting beliefs, “Impossible” itself says I’m possible. Don’t be self deceptive.

  • Be self compassionate and self driven. Self dependency is the reliable choice in life always

  • Avoid this kinda thinking- ‘this is all due to my shortcomings’. Circumstances needn’t be in our control always

  • Talk with whom you are most comfortable, who makes you love yourself more.

  • If required seek mental supporters, there is no shame in consulting a therapist.

The choices you make now, affect your ability to choose later on and in a way your present freedom causing a limit on your own future freedom. This doesn’t imply we are wired for inactions. We need to move on holding whatever in hand be it grief or joy, practicing Being at cause.

Having said all these don’t rely on food as emotional clutches. It can only boost your problems. So take care of your health too.

Now repeat this secret mantra, shh…

dear fear,

I’ve no space for you

dear pain,

I’ve no time for you

dear past

please be on the shelf

dear self

please be with me

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