moving on with grief

Emotion welling up inside me

In the midst of grief how can I be happy

I’m not afraid of depths, storms or sharks

But I’m afraid of sinking into sea of missing some

It may take a life long to calm down from what I miss

The gravity of that life-changing loss is so heavy that

no words of comfort can take away the emptiness within

The more I play a hide and seek with emotions,

The gone ones will never comeback

thought just keep on entering pulling my heart out of chest

Moving on is such a word which is not as ease as said

I may grieve forever

I may not get over this overwhelming waves

But in a way that realization is relieving

‘that I don’t have to get over this’

I get that this is how it is

I understand that I am not gonna get over this

Though the grief is putting on a new face everyday

I have to move on with these flavors of grief in hand

as there are people waiting for my smiles and cuddles

moving on with grief

15 thoughts on “Moving on with the grief in hand

    1. Thanks’s been a long while.. I’m so happy to see you again.. I remember commenting on your posts earlier..I doubt it was eaten by your spam..have a look dear..

      All is well here … just some ups and downs of are you

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