Reminders are replenishing

By | December 5, 2020

We are born knowing and bethinking many things. Still sometimes we all need some simple reminders for something which is already there in our consciousness but just ignored or put on hold. It needn’t be a thing which we have forgotten but got sidelined somehow. So at times we all require certain reminders which are replenishing.

The impact of reminders

Reminders create an impact when we hear it or sense it from a second person. It creates a momentum. You may think it as kind of conspiracy of the universe if you believe in (read more Signs awaiting your attention). The cosmos doesn’t want us to be inactive or stuck at a point.

Move forward with that meaningful momentum which the cosmos has sent you through someone. Probably you won’t get another chance again. Make your senses sharp enough and ego free to accept such vibes, such reminders!

Reminders; not just to counteract the memory failures, but to keep ourselves in track.

welcome reminders

You matter a lot”, just in case you need a reminder

Reminders are essential not just in case of tasks but for relationships also. Sometimes when the mind is paying trick on us, we all crave for such simple reminders from our loved ones. Hearing “You matter” can energize someone’s entire day. So why hesitating to put in effort to shower just these two words on your loved ones? (read more on Relationships.. a lot of work..???)

Don’t be hesitant to offer a reminder. There might be someone who is really in need of what you can give, be it even a simple reminder. Likewise don’t be arrogant to ignore the reminders too when you receive them.

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