That moment

when some read you, but respond not

even after giving them a piece of your mind

That dilemma

when you always used to read their silence,

but this time their silence is muting your heart

That bewilderment

when they keep leaving yourself guessing

while you were hoping to hear back

That feel

when you don’t understand

why they are swinging back and forth

That madness

even when your emotions are hurt

half of your mind still speaks for them

That insanity

when you keep on rewinding

not just whatever said but unsaid too

That mind game

which make you wait for them with all your pain

and at the same time let them go gracefully

That instant pull

where in no words can explain what’s going on in your mind

and finally you think, think and overthink


Silence can’t be misquoted, but misinterpreted quite easily

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