What’s meant won’t happen on it’s own

If it’s meant to be, it wont’ be always

We think, what’s meant to be will always find its way. And if something just passes by, we assume it was not meant for us.

Well, it’s a relief for our beliefs, just to cope with the uncertainty, A refuge if you miss something.

But do do you really believe in that? Do you really think that if it’s meant to be, it won’t just pass you by?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t accept that that there is something as “meant to be”, but I do accept that there could be circumstances beyond our control which are unavoidable like epidemics, tsunami etc.

The notion ‘If its meant to, it will happen is not just optimistic but simply naive. We are not just some machines with a predetermined way of working. We do have certain choices and certain control over our life.

We do have a free will. And how fruitful it becomes depends on our timing, how we handle the situation and yes, certain external factors too like the circumstances which are not in our control. So there is no point in quoting “If it’s meant to be, it will happen” just to hide our irresponsibility.

Things can go beyond our control

Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. This is life, a combination of both in control and out of control stuffs. Or else there need to be an operator behind the curtains to work on the script and make everything in equilibrium…any way that’s is not happening in a single birth. (yeah, sometimes these all Karmic wheel make me think about multiple births. Or else how do these karmic debts get cleared?)

Anyway we shouldn’t forget that that present circumstances result not just from past thoughts and actions but certain circumstances too which needn’t be in our control always. We can not decide what others do which might have an impact on our life as we are living in an interconnected universe.

Not always we are paying for our own karma.

Not always our future is woven by our own actions.

Things won’t just materialize on its own

If we are at the right time putting in our best effort, things might fall in track automatically. If timing failed, the so called “what’s meant for you”, may sometimes simply pass you by.

Well, anyway things won’t fall in track if you are just sitting back and doing nothing at all, if you are simply waiting for it to happen automatically keeping your fingers tightly crossed.

Things won’t just materialize on its own if you are not putting in genuine effort. Even then sometimes, it won’t happen as you thought. Then accept it for what it is. Leave it to the nature as there are happenings beyond human control like earthquakes, epidemics etc. We can become a victim of circumstances.

So when there are happening totally beyond our control, just to reassure yourself, you may rely on this quote “If it’s meant to be it will”. Otherwise it’s just a lazy belief. Remember “There is no substitute to hard work”.

If it’s meant to be, it wont’ be always. If anything works out, it happens only after hard work and passionate love

If its meant

The universe is not a deterministic one

We cannot prevent our own birth or death. But we can Be at cause for the rest of the life. These are our choices (plus some randomness of the universe which is not in our control).

The universe is not a deterministic one. It has given us a freewill, but with imposed limitations. And then our decisions affect the universe we live in which in turn affect ourselves. The process goes on as in a never ending dance loop!!

13 thoughts on “What’s meant won’t happen on it’s own

  1. I’m in total alignment here… We have to earn it and that’s the message I get… It is so true… It is so bad to anticipate that things would fall in place all by itself…

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