A love that doesn’t bend : Valentine Poetry

When I say I love you, I mean

I will go on loving you as I can never unlove you

Again and again I’m falling in love with only you

It has been always you, no matter what day it is

Heavily intoxicated I melt into you deeper everyday

How I got this much addicted is still a big mystery

No matter how many cold wars heat our moments,

I know your eyes would be waiting for me in the end.

No matter how good you make me feel in loving you

I can accept you for who you are, for what we are

When I say I love you, I don’t care if I hear it back or not

I just love you beyond everything, even beyond my ego

No matter how madly you love me and wildly seduce me

my infinite passion for you blooms with no ‘ifs’

My home is wherever you are, not wherever I am

You hugs not just me, but my imperfections too

You kisses not just me, but my yelling wounds too

You are not just my love, but my choice in all sense

I am that stream of love flowing into the ocean of you

Infinite love

6 thoughts on “A love that doesn’t bend : Valentine Poetry

    1. Drew.. so happy to see you after a long time.. thank you so much for your loving words and the warm wish..happy Valentine’s Day to you too

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