Don’t be so normal..enjoy the weirdness too

Don’t be so normal,

you are missing to enjoy the weirdness.

Occasionally change your routine,

there lies the fun.

Fun wont wait for any,

enjoy it before the day ends.

At times try to unsee things,

to see it more clearly later.

Live on the adventures you put on,

not on the stuffs you collected.

Own your rights and wrongs and,

make them too weird to be judged.

Let not any play on your weirdness,

its all yours.

Seek not for answers always,

make your own questions too.

Only you can make yourself complete,

but it’s you to define what’s complete.

Nothing to be ashamed of being a loser,

people who really love you won’t leave you guessing.

After all life is not to be taken too seriously,

nothing makes a lot of sense!

4 thoughts on “Don’t be so normal..enjoy the weirdness too

  1. There is so much more to life than living a routinized one in a packaged form. There is so much in the questions than the answers that we are constantly searching for. We shouldn’t get obsessed with perfection, there is such beauty in the imperfections .Indeed, such profound thoughts and so simply put, indeed strikingly simple and so powerful…

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