graceful woman touching head in studio
Spinning head
Losing grip
Jerking legs
Catch me, I’m falling
Words left unspoken
No one hearing
Faint on the floor
After a while,
opening eyes
But I was only sleeping!!

I was still sleeping. And dreaming a vertigo. My head was spinning in the dream.

Losing my balance I tried to call my guys, but was muted.

Even while falling, I was trying to make noise by pulling and pushing the nearby wardrobe but was not powerful to reach my guys.

Losing my senses, I was lying on the floor for some time.
After a few moments I woke up on my own from the unconscious state (not from the dream).

And still in my dream I saw myself explaining to my guys that I had a head rotation and how I was falling.

Well, after a while I truly woke up to reality from the dream. So again I went on explaining the dream to my guys.

In fact I was feeling heaviness and headache after the dream and it lasted for around 36 hours. I never had such a weird experience before. But it was not all scary. I didn’t forget a bit of the dream even after really waking up from the sleep.

Just a dream
but not a lucid dream
little bit sickening
but not scary

Dreams, usually we treat as reflections of our own thoughts or our own mental state.

So what does this ‘spinning head dream’ indicate?
Is that really my head spinning or thoughts spinning?

Pic: Pexels

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