Promise yourself never to say “I’m bored”

I maybe boring you, but entertaining myself was never a problem for me. Yes, I do exist and don’t get easily bored. I have promised myself never to say “I’m bored”.

As long as the mind is busy with constant explorations and weirdness, how can I be bored! Maybe it’s the multiple interests and passions helping me stay unbored (Read more “I just don’t have enough time” – A big white lie)

I don’t need any external trigger to keep me engaged. Even if there is nothing to do, I always find myself doing something. I do enjoy my alone time without giving much time for my brain to get bored.

Actually it doesn’t matter where I’m or what I’m left with. A book or a phone or a conversation is enough for me. Sometimes I do planning if there is nothing else to do.

And after all who can beat the power of imagination if you are completely left alone.. Or you can even think about ‘Are aliens trying to contact us?’

And yes, when the habits enslave me, when I’m unconsciously doing things, the boredom peeks in. Simply floating through the day makes me less creative and less productive…In fact it is dangerous for me…(luckily not often!! ) (read more I’m more productive when I’m Busy)

So what to do, to never say “I’m bored”??

How not to be imprisoned by your own habits

1. Stay awake enough to do everything intentionally, not unconsciously

Habits are automatic propellants driving a mechanical life unconsciously. Once you are aware of this, you would be cautious enough not to let the habits rule your conscious mind.

When the habits enslave you, it can do even more severe damages and not just boredom.

Don’t search for happiness but just make it around, weaving compassion and living in every moment. Let us own nothing but the moments we are in

Serve your heart, don’t be burnt by the habits

Stay awake enough to do everything intentionally, not unconsciously

2. Let the curiosity and power of imagination drive you

Question everything

Think different

Connect experiences

Fuel creativity

Break the prejudices

Say no to limits

Add a new challenge

Learn something new

Learn and unlearn rather than burn

Learning is addition, unlearning is letting go. Let the curiosity drive you.

Break your routine if required and Dream big

Well, having said all these, “occasional state of boredom is good for your brain”, but not full time (read more Lazy mind and Trapped in the hands of laziness even while you strongly desire to be active?)

I hope I made you bored enough 😉

Pic: Pexels

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