I hate crying in front of people..

I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay to cry watching movies in front of people. That’s how I’m .. why should I mask it..? But otherwise, I still hate crying in front of people no matter how close they are to me.

It’s not that I am embarrassed to cry in front of them or trying to hide the negative feelings. Crying is not a sign of weakness. But still I don’t like me crying in front of people (other than those cryings over movies).

Crying is quite normal; just a normal reaction like laughing or shouting. There is nothing to be ashamed of crying. When you cry you are relieving your pain and not bottling them up.

So as it’s my right whether to do it in public or not. That’s it. It’s my choice how to respond to overwhelming stress or pain. Still if I cry in front of you, I’m really badly hurting and I may have reached the limit.

I don’t usually burst out on everything which literally piss me off. Likewise I do control my grief from overpowering my soul. But I just prefer to be alone when hurt. Or I believe I’ve to find peace within myself. (Read The down mood, an old friend)

Call me selfish, but I don’t let you cry with me!

Pic : Pexels

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