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Covid Vaccination & Reactions: Senryu

chilly nights tone up
burning eyes under blankets
vaccine influences


I posted this Senryu (5-7-5 poetry) just to remind one thing specifically!

There could be some reactions after any vaccination (not just covid vaccines). That’s quite common and normal responses to vaccines. Nothing to be panic, but just make yourself equipped with food and medicines in advance especially if you are staying alone. Just a precautionary step, that’s it. It would be a little bit tough to manage alone after vaccination if the fever or fatigue follows.


Before going for COVID vaccination, just ensure that all the necessary stuffs are stored and easily accessible for you.

Reactions wouldn’t be same for all. There can be mild to moderate reactions or even no reactions. No reactions doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t working. And these reactions to the new intruders inside the body (vaccines) usually go away on their own after a few days.

So be safe, stay happy!!

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24 thoughts on “Covid Vaccination & Reactions: Senryu

  1. Nice one on the vaccination dear Akhila. Liked the picture too. Even the first day for me was bad but have to yet take second doze. How are you dear hope all is well with you and family.

          1. No mention dear.. reading poetry is always soothing especially when it’s from someone you know..

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