Feeling empty is not insane

Sometimes all I need is a bubble wrap
Sometimes I feel as empty as a bubble

There are moments we don’t exist and we call it emptiness. But feeling empty is not insane because that’s how even the atoms inside our body are designed.

Yes, literally empty,

physically empty

and scientifically too..

99.99999999999999% of the volume of ordinary matter is empty space (Well, not exactly empty, but it’s a quantum field)

If there was someway to squeeze all the empty space out of the atoms in our bodies, humanity would indeed fit into the space occupied by a sugar cube~(Book: Quantum Theory cannot hurt you by Marcus Chown)

Inwardly all living and non living things are empty by nature. Well, it’s actually the normal state of our atoms inside the body. So getting empty is completely sane as long as there is nothing to be filled in from outside.

But if you are feeling a perpetual emptiness, give it a thought..If you feel stuck completely, if emptiness has taken over you totally, if you are constantly hearing that nagging voice in your head, take a deep breath and practice ten minutes of meditation and let go of that feeling of numbness.

Daily meditation aligns your focus and let you live in the moment. Let us own nothing but the moments we are in. And occasionally RESET your mind

Image: Pexels

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