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ദാർശനിക ദേഹം (Philosophic body) : Poetry published

One of my Malayalam Poems “ദാർശനിക ദേഹം along with its English translation (Philosophic body) has appeared in Indian Periodical, an Online Literary journal.

This Malayalam poem was written long back though very recently only I did a translation. I believe I could pay justice to both versions. You can catch it here

This is my second entry in Indian periodical. The first poem titled “His warmth” was published in Jan 2021. Thank you Siddharth Sehgal for featuring my poems.

25 thoughts on “ദാർശനിക ദേഹം (Philosophic body) : Poetry published

  1. Hi Akila, this poem is beautiful. I want to copy it and the magazine post. Congratulations on being published! That is such a thrill, and accomplishment. 🙂 I want to copy the email to give to a friend of mine…is this ok?

        1. Thanks for the information. Does the “Press this” button also give permission to reblog? Even when there is a re-blog button I always ask permission. I appreciate it when other bloggers re-blog something of my work.

        2. Thanks so much for this information. I had forgotten all about “Press This” My old brain had a time wrapping itself around the concept…the more I know about WordPress the more I don’t know!

      1. Thank you, Akhila. I always make it a point to give proper credits when I re-blog. I always enjoy your writings, and appreciate it when you pop up in my comments section. 🙂

          1. I have had a lot of posts in the 11+ years I’ve been working on this blog. My site Search feature is pretty good, I don’t always tag posts the way I should.

        1. lol, trust me i am a sucker for anything of General Interest…that’s why when i saw it i tried to get one..

          P. S
          please do give me a link once your next book is out

          1. I get that totally Mich.. And I appreciate your interest to grasp new things..

            Yes, I will let you know once I’m done with a book

    1. Thanks a lot Mich for the constant support and inspiration..

      Your book was really really an interesting piece.. I really enjoyed reading it like many of them were so much relatable.. keep going dear and publish more and more

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