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By | July 23, 2021

My second Interview!!

Couple of weeks back I’ve been invited for an Interview at the Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Blog !!

Happy to be a part of this interview series. Thanks to David Lonan, editor of The Fevers of the Mind for this Q&A

Read it here if it may interest you..

Q1: When did you start writing and first influences?

Akhila: I’m not sure where it all started exactly. When I was a kid my parents used to get me a lot of books. And I happily buried myself in books. Maybe my initial passion for writing stemmed from growing up with books. And later on writing became a kind of unpaid mental therapy for me.

Q2: Who are your biggest influences today?

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11 thoughts on “An Interview at Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Blog

      1. michnavs

        yes, and it is amazing Akhila, I particularly love the part where in you said you don’t claim to be a poet because your writing is diverse and you can even write about quantum physics… wow

        1. Akhila Post author

          Just that all these mysteries grab my attention very easily so as quantum physics.. even i feel like consciousness would have a deep correlation with quantum world.. and yes, crazy works most of the times, so as my thoughts which drive me to all these conspiracies of the universe..

          I’m so happy that you not only read it but felt it also


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