Someone is mad at you doesn’t mean you are bad

By | July 25, 2021
Someone is mad at you doesn't mean you are bad

Good & bad are just some insane stories we keep on pouring into the messy business of our own life. Someone is mad at you doesn’t mean you are bad. Neither they!

Not all angers are red

Not all angels are white

Just be with your authentic nature

Nature doesn’t care what names you give it. Be it a forest or an ocean or a mountain or whatever, it goes with it’s own vibes. So as just be with your nature with little botheration on what others say especially when you are confident of what you have done or said.

Don’t stress yourself with “what I’ve done to make them so mad at me” thoughts. If they truly value your relationship they won’t over weigh their madness to the relationship with you.

You are thoughtful. You don’t need to believe what others say. Keep being you and let them be them. And be a little considerate as we don’t know what’s running in their head.

Have an eye on your values and priorities while struggling with peer pressure. Be who you are and allow yourself to care your self. A little room for flexibility is not always bad, but be with your comfort and priority always.

Celebrate life

Negativeness damages relationships.

Celebrate the life without any reasons as who knows if there is another breath present in the next moment !!

I’m mad at you doesn’t me I stopped loving you!

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10 thoughts on “Someone is mad at you doesn’t mean you are bad

  1. parneetsachdev

    A post which places a lot in perspective. We must always know our own right from wrong. Not from people. A post worth reading

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks for your time. Really appreciates your comment. As you rightly said, the deciding factor is within our self on right or wrong

  2. michnavs

    i love your thoughts here Akhila… not because we are mad doesn’t mean we don’t love the person to which our anger is directed to ..

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yes.. people won’t leave you guessing if they truly love you.. they will come back once the temper is down


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