How to come back to the easy going life?

Free spirited

Once upon a time there lived a cheerful little dandelion, a white puffy ball. Blown off in the gentle breeze it was moving with the cluster of furry parachutes. It was so calm and heart-warming for any souls on its path… it had no worries, no static whereabouts, and no strings of attachments.

Every soul on it’s path murmured and wished for good luck when it came across.

The little dandelion was quite naturally perceiving and responding to the world in the most tangible manner.

Never had it to put any sweat on his easy mode of living.

Never was it bothered about its senses because they were perceiving things in the right way or it didn’t even bother being right or wrong.

Never was it philosophical to remind itself about “this too shall pass on” during hard times. But the moments just passed on.

It was not the gentle wind carrying it, but itself was making the wind blow in its ways. It just ignored whatever was thrown at it. It was always free from the pressure of being noticed.

The pressure

One day it started to sweat, lost its easy going nature for some reason. The pressure started from that moment.

Started to bother what others think.

Started to think of being famous and noticed.

Started to have ups and downs of emotional strings.

Started to worry about what does and what does not matter.

Started to imagine being ‘‘too sophisticated” to be working and thinking a certain way.

Life got harder and harder with this. It had to put extra effort to reach the “highs”.


And at a stage, it felt the pain of breaking feathers. The pain was pricking enough for a whole catharsis. And finally it could maintain an emotional equanimity. It started to ask itself “Does all these really matter while life is too short and no one owns anything?

At this moment it thought about the difference that happened in its path. Initially it was easy going, later undertaken by pressure of so many life stuffs and finally a moment of catharsis after knowing these all.

Now the dandelion wishes to be that easy going type again without any bother.. But can it be? Because now it is aware of all these hard mind games and how the dandelion mind is maintaining a poise.. So can it go back to that easy going type after knowing all these..? It’s like the awareness hindering the free-spirited mind!

Effort to become an easy going actually prevents you from becoming an easy going

A monk asked Joshu (the Zen master): If I make efforts to become a Buddha, what then?
Joshu: You have taken quite a task on yourself, haven’t you?
The monk: And if I make no such effort?
Joshu: Then you are already a Buddha.

Aren’t all these a little bit weird..? Once it didn’t know anything and so was that easy going type. Now after fighting against all those mind traps, it feels blessed and content. But now it has become actually tough to go with the flow and be that easy going type again. Little bit ironic..

As the dandelion flower says, rise above life’s challenges and never give up. Don’t be an escapist while being carefree.

That’s a better way to be carefree and easy going.

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17 thoughts on “How to come back to the easy going life?

  1. As an overthinker, I am sometimes jealous of animals who just go through life without too many worries, or so it seems. But things happen as they happen and we cannot control everything. Knowing that gives me piece of mind. Life is too short to worry, yet at the same time we feel so much pressure.

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