My digital self is not different from the real self

Whether I’m insane or not, my digital self is not different from the real self.

The outburst of social media has created many anonymous handles all around us, be it in twitter or facebook or wordpress or instagram or whatever.

Well, anonymous handles needn’t be fake. They just don’t want to expose themselves in the digital world, that’s it. There is not much harm with them.

Authenticity is not about expressing without filters all the time, but being confident of what you are expressing !!

The problem lies with the fake accounts in the online world. They play with other’s emotions, throw bad words on others and fool naive people.

Well, we cannot penetrate into a person’s mind and see whether he/she is good at heart or not..There is a limit in what we can understand about them in a digital world. So never ever share anything personal with them atleast till you know their real side too.

Whether I’m insane or not, my digital self is not different from the real self !!

Dear guys and girls,

Maybe people who act as of your age in the virtual world would be of your parent’s age. People who sound genuine would be totally different in the real world.

You may feel connected to their vibes because of what they write or say or share. But never trust any fully in the digital world. A lot of misuses could be happening out of what you share with them. Please be careful.

Never make yourself regret later. Don’t get cheated. Be cautious!

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I care.. I’ll always care.. And I always love to see the good in others, but I don’t trust all that easily

Real self or Virtual self..? Who is the person you call “I” after all..?

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