Do you believe in first sight love?

By | August 15, 2021

The notion of Love at first sight

The notion of Love at first sight always made me raise my one eyebrow as I could never believe in that feeling.

And I didn’t get that ‘he’s my man’ feeling even when our eyes locked for the first time decades back.

But little by little he became my ever favorite music and I found myself being so deeply addicted.

Vulnerability wakes up intimate connections

Most addicts do not realize that they are addicted
But I do since I met my love
since I met my love years and years back

I didn’t know how and when I melted in to him. But I knew that a drop of anger on his face was enough to sink me in a sea of worries even after these many years.

I believe being vulnerable with the right person doesn’t make you weak, instead it creates a lasting bond and honest connection!

Vulnerability wakes up intimate connections.

Complementing one another

Love is not about compromising a lot, but complementing one another, accepting the light and dark within each other.

One of us keeps coming to the other after every fight. What else is love?

I don’t believe in first sight love

And then he says, “Relax, even our flaws are made for each other”

When he hugs me tight, I hear him telling “you are my forever everything”

Love each other beyond wrinkles and gray hair

Be it a year or 16 years or 100 plus years of love and war, always whisper on my ears ‘you are my home’ with a squeeze hug ..

when I say I love you

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Do you believe in first sight love?

Be it a first sight love or long sight love, if time and distance can fade the love, don’t even call it love!

7 thoughts on “Do you believe in first sight love?

  1. michnavs

    wow Akhila, this is such a profound discussion on love…and i love your poem too…and the last thing you said that if time and distance can fade love, then its not love at all…

    Happy Sunday

  2. Manoj Mehra

    I do believe in love at first sight. Sometimes you just see a person and that very moment you decide he or she is the one.

  3. Shreya Sharma

    Loved reading this! Especially the love poems!
    I can’t say much about love at first sight, but yes, sometimes it feels things are just written in destiny and happens, that maybe accountable for love at first sight. And if the love doesn’t fade, all wonders!! ♥

    1. Akhila Post author

      So happy to see you shre after a long while..
      You are right, maybe love at first sight is some stories lyriced in stars..


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