Can you come back and talk to me?

By | August 22, 2021

How I wish to see you for at-least one last time?

No.. what’s there to see again for the last time?

Still can you come back and talk to me?

But I can not get over this soul crunching pain even after years.

Half of me is still stuck on that blood curdling night into which you disappeared so easily.

How could you pass away so easily?

Maybe you were so blessed to leave the world so quietly.

Now, along with the stars, maybe you are watching me writing this.

I know it’s all over. But I can not stop crying

though still I do smile and laugh as I’m wearing many hats.

I do smile.. I do smile.. and cry behind shut doors.

Can you come back and talk to me?

You have known me since I was born.

Holding my baby hands you only taught me to walk,

you only taught me to appreciate small things,

you only taught me to take life less seriously and to live simply!


why didn’t you teach me how to get over missing you as a whole?

I have tried to convince me in all possible ways,

spiritually, scientifically, philosophically and what not.

But I’m failing to console myself even after years and years.

Can you come back and talk to me?

Can you come back and talk to me on this…

maybe for at-least one last time..

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4 thoughts on “Can you come back and talk to me?

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks a lot for your kind words… feel good that you could relate to that..:)

      1. Gradmama2011

        I meant it. I enjoy poetry, using words that rhyme or at least have a cadence are good to use to express oneself.


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