Trapped in the hands of laziness?

Trapped in the hands of laziness even while you strongly desire to be active and work for your thoughts and ideas? Is that a mind block or pure laziness once in a while? And finally the time conscious person in you becomes guilt ridden for draining your time and day?

No worries at all, you are not alone there if you fail to overcome the futile pleasures of lazy moments.

Personally, I have such times distracting me from self promises.  In fact I was actually thinking about this now, why am I losing that energy to motivate myself. I may not be actually tired physically, but I can’t get myself focused on my tasks. 

What could be the reasons for laziness or a mind block?

Just give a thought..

  • Are you feeling hurt.. lacking emotional support and care?
  • Are you tired or bored.. aftereffects of a hectic living mode or a little uninspired?
  • Or is that just an escape mechanism .. to avoid something?

Thinking, why would one try to find out the reasons behind akrasia (akrasia means a lack of self-control or the state of acting against one’s better judgment)?

You must, because the solutions are dependent on your whys.

So if you are feeling hurt, believe “This moment will also pass on”. I know it’s not at all a thought which one can digest at the moment of distress. So feed it in your brain in advance. Be at cause

If you are tired or bored, definitely you need to turn on your resting mode. Just take a break from what you are doing and think if there is something better awaiting you.  Relax and relax.. And have a proper plan to get back to your work also.

And now finally, if you feel it to be an avoidance mechanism, I assure you that you are being consumed slowly by that laziness parasite.  Focus on the target, not the obstacles

Never ever let the laziness-parasite eat you away fully because it’s just a false illusion giving you momentary pleasures and soon you will fall in the well of regret causing missed opportunities.

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