Some hurt us twice as we don’t learn

Some hurt us twice as we don’t learn

Some hurt us twice as we don’t learn
We forgive and treat them the same 
while they don’t deserve to have the ‘old-you’ again. 
We just let them take advantage of our softness
If they do it, they’ll do it again
If they don’t care you, believe them.
Just believe their act as
they are literally not going to care you.

People say, forgive forget and move on
Be it a forgive or not,
it’s one’s own comfort that matters at the end
You may or may not.
After all, forgiving is a call by brain!

Decide what’s the best revenge
which can make your heart at ease
without shutting the doors of compassion and self love
But never forget as it’s a lesson for heart!
If they made you regret of trusting them,
its not your problem, but theirs
Move on and be brave enough to express
“Hurt me again, never you'll get the old me again”.

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