Impostor Syndrome

2 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

‘I don’t actually deserve the job and accomplishments’,
‘I’m going to be found out soon’
‘Do I really deserve all these appreciations or are they just doing some favor for me?’

Have you ever thought like this?

In a world of show-off, there are some people who downplay their accomplishments and attribute their success to luck. They minimize their wins and self-doubt their own competence despite all the achievements they have made.  Don’t worry if you ever think like these. That perceived fraudulence is nothing but the Impostor syndrome.

2 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Read more on this topic and learn to think like a non-impostor and overcome your self doubts “I Don’t Deserve This”: 2 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome.

I am much happy to share with you that this article is recently published at Elephant Journal

“Self-acceptance is the best way to overcome the impostor cycle. Give your best, recognize your strengths, and be proud of yourself!”

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10 thoughts on “2 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

      1. Yeah I did…I am trying to deal with it practically…everytime I start feeling that way, I try to collect the facts about the matter like how I performed previously in those area etc…I find it hard to replace those negative thoughts with postive ones…but I try to be neutral for now…taking baby steps…

      1. It’s my assumption due to my upbringing (hyper-critical/high expectations mother) as well as others in the same type of household but I haven’t researched it for scientific evidence. I do think there is a strong correlation though, but I could be wrong.

        1. There is…I have just read about this ‘monster study’ which proves how badly constant criticism can affect one… you must google it, you will be surprised reading the results.

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