Depression - How do you help your loved ones?

Depression – How do you help your loved ones?

Depression – How do you help your loved ones?

“Again and again that sinking feeling inside the secret place of my fenced mind. Swirling the sorrows tears are streaming down through spiky rocks and bends. Let it go.. Let it go..”

There would be none who haven’t gone through this depressed state atleast once in a lifetime. So what have you done when you have seen the same happening to people around you? How have you helped your loved ones sort it out while they were holding a million chaos inside?

Are you that someone with whom they can express themselves freely, all those hidden sides of their soul, all their vulnerabilities which they haven’t told anyone before?

Are you that someone who can read them when they can’t even speak a word?

Depression - How do you help your loved ones?

Depression is a bad guy, slowly poisoning the mind. Sometimes it enslaves our soul and squeezes us to feel nothingness. Other times it enlarges our thoughts and screws the heart.

She is hanging like
an empty oyster shell.
Spreading its wings,
the dragon emptiness
is taking her to a land unknown.
Burnt under the sun,
squeezed by the nails
her bottled up emotions
screamed in silence
wondering where she had
lost the reverberations.
She screamed in silence
“Come and spoil me with your fondles
before my soul becomes fragments and flashes
before I’m ripped into pieces
before the fire of my love gets frozen
Come and spoil me with your endless fondles”

Emotional struggles needn’t be always obvious

Never leave or avoid people when they are depressed. You may not be knowing what’s going on in their mind. They won’t be in a position to express too. But they would be deeply craving for a shoulder to lean upon. They might be screaming inside begging you “Take my hand, Hold it tight, I feel like losing the grip”.

pale lips whispered nothing
cloudy eyes shed a silent scream

Sacredness in their tears deserve boundless love and care and not just sympathy. Let your loved one know you’re there for them. Now just assure them,

Your storm and your silence,
your chillness and stillness,
your pain and pleasure,
everything of you reach me,
feeling even your nothingness
Now I’m there beside you.
I’m here to hold you
and wipe your tears away
in an ocean of all encompassing love
I will never leave you, never ever!

Emotional struggles needn’t be always obvious .. please be kind, always. Just wait for them patiently. Your care and support can bring them back to life.

Whatever ultimate recovery is in the hands of the depressed person only. They have to settle on their own, they’ve to unwind and find their own inner voice. They’ve to find peace within their soul. (Read more Are you fed up of the weight of the grief you carry in your tears?) Be a compassionate listener and not an adviser. Let their pain wash away in a cleansing rain of your love.

Dance or jump. Physical movements can wipe out the depression up to a certain extent.

So deprived of what makes you depressed?

Well, Feeling empty is not insane. Give it a thought!!

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