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Don’t fancify the women by saying, ‘You are the Goddess”

“To the incredible woman in the world..” So many similar messages are spreading and trending in social media now since it being the Women’s day.

I know very well that I do exist in a patriarchal society so as any other women

But please don’t fancify us by saying,

‘You are patient, Goddess, born nurtures, unselfish and what not’

We may or may not be as any other gender

‘you are mother..wife..woman… You are caring.. bearing..working’

Yes, Yes.. I know.. you don’t have to emphasize

I don’t want you to praise my strength,

‘cause I’m already stronger than to rise above your compliment-traps

I’m not here to sacrifice myself for flattering

I can do anything

That doesn’t imply I have to deal every responsibility with a smile

That doesn’t imply I’ve to conceal my worries

I’ve my limits

I’m unconditional, but not unlimited

I’m not a woman who never tires

I’m not a woman without dreams and desires

I am not anyone’s possessions

I am not a weaker sex, but a human

I’m a woman of purpose

But you don’t have to define me

I’m one of a kind and I do have my rights and wrongs

If you respect my morals, I can accept that

But not ‘cause I am a woman

If I treat you well, treat me good

Respect me if I deserve your respect

That’s enough, nothing more nothing less

Treat me like a person, not as an authority or favor

and enter not into my personal boundaries

Give my space, just don’t even stare

If I’m a stranger just let me be a stranger throughout

My dear sisters,

wake up and break the bias

no one owns you

enough is enough

You don’t have to give your all

Know your limits

Because the more you are pushed beyond your limits,

the more the frustration and disappointments

Be expressive, there is nothing as super man or super woman

If they call you a superwoman,

beware, it might be a trap

to push you more, to make you work more

You are taught to make adjustments throughout life

Even I heard it too many a times, let me ask you,

Is adjustment just a girl thing?

You can be caring and demanding at the same time

You don’t have to be guilt ridden for a little me-time

While being brave to everyone, be brave to yourself first

Nothing wrong in asking for love in the way you need

Nothing wrong in seeking what’s best for you

You only know your needs, no one else

Make yourself feel good

Be guilt free to say no to whatever bothers you

Be independent- emotionally and financially

Be yourself instead of pretending to be who you are

They might call you ‘synonym of sacrifice’, but don’t be captivated to give in too much.

They will look for you to serve the coffee at home even after a hectic day at your office

And still they’ll call it freedom!

Ultimately people ‘ll take you for granted and you’ll lose yourself.

Be fierce when you are being abused in the name of love and family

Setting boundaries is healthy, be it personal or not

Every single one of us has a story something which made us stronger

Know yourself and make yourself proud

You are unique, as every human.

You are the ocean, not any moon can control your waves.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t fancify the women by saying, ‘You are the Goddess”

  1. man ok sure i dig on it honey
    not you
    nor patronise
    nor rise you to madonna within my reach
    teach not
    only nice
    to say
    hey it does suffice
    to say
    wow fine jesus h ok!

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