I’m everything what I’m seeking

I’m everything what I’m seeking

At my bad times, But they didn’t appear, Not a call, not even a text.. To be frank, I didn’t expect them to. But if they come again, maybe I will treat them the same as before not that I could easily forget everything, but .. I don’t care anymore.. I’m everything what I’m seeking

Can you relate to this..?

Maybe Yes

How they treat you is a statement about them.

It doesn’t define you.

Their bitterness cannot alter you.

Be who you are.

Just smile and walk away

I was so naive, people easily judged me a complicated material.
I was so dewy-eyed to burst into tears on tasting the slightest bitterness
Time changed.. seasons changed
I’m me.. always me.. but not yesterdays
I am still that naive to have a breath of fresh air around me
and I’m favored that I can smile a lot
smile a lot from within
Their bitterness cannot touch me anymore.
None can make me feel unworthy as
I’m everything what I’m seeking

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