Do you know cooking?

Food has no gender- Do you know cooking?

Do you know cooking?

Irrespective of gender all must know cooking. It’s a basic survival skill. A soul hug if you can cook.

Actually even our education system must teach these basic skills like cooking, investing etc .

Proudly I can say that I know cooking. I cook for myself as well as the family. And I cook daily. Even though I’m not an expert cook I can cook something with whatever is available in the kitchen.

I surely dislike the traditional belief- ‘Cooking is a feminine thing’. But I must admit that I learnt cooking from this belief which was indirectly fed into my nerves long back. Now I cook not because of this entitlement (in fact I hate it), but the pleasure which in a way made me self dependent. Because now I know one of the most important basic life skill.

Cooking is not a hobby for me. Still sometimes I love to do cooking experiments watching you tube videos and all. Yes, my guys enjoy them too (sometimes they do suffer 😉 )

A few things I ensure while in kitchen.

  • Not spending too much time in kitchen.
  • The prepared food is healthy and people enjoy it
  • There are no food wastage
  • Before and after the cooking, the place is neat and clean.
  • I try to take items from fridge at one go rather than opening it multiple times

Add a flavor of love to the food. The secret ingredient to any recipe you cook is just LOVE

Cooking must be done wholeheartedly. It’s not women’s’ domain.

Food has no gender. Remember everyone has a stomach and a heart

At home all must know cooking and participate in food preparation including the kids. This is the way they will understand not just how to become self dependent but the value of other individual also.

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6 thoughts on “Food has no gender- Do you know cooking?

  1. I completely agree with you that everyone should learn cooking regardless of gender. Cooking is such an essential life skill that everyone should learn it. When you cook food, it makes you patient and focused, and improves your decision making ability. When you cook food, you also realize the value of food as you know how much effort goes into preparing food. Children must be taught cooking so that they understand the value of food and don’t waste it. It also helps them when they live alone. If they know cooking, they don’t need to remain dependent on others for feeding themselves.

  2. Good has no gender, what a beautiful statement.
    Yes one must know cooking I know it and it is an Art.
    You might be knowing in this world cooking is done by mostly Men, be it a restaurant or a marriage party or so on
    Good Post

  3. I love that you make bundle trips to your fridge and take out everything you need all at once! Also loving this dedication: “Before and after the cooking, the place is neat and clean.” Same! <3

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