Are you into a twin flame connection?

Are you into a twin flame connection?

Have you ever naturally clicked with a person?

Twin flames means an intense soul connection with some. It is like meeting your own other half.. meeting your mirror self. You naturally click with a person and they also vibrate in your frequency. Are you into a twin flame connection?

Twin flames are the authentic connections making you feel loved always. You will never have to question the connection as it’s two way felt. You do so in sync and quite naturally. It’s like a mirror which brings you to your own attention.

Tug of soul connection

It’s an innate force that can act over any distance, making the two souls interwoven into a single continuum.

The destined connections that tie twin souls on this cosmic plane can’t be erased, no matter whatever occurs.

It might sound weird. But it’s the powerful chemistry of mental connections. Don’t be afraid of seeing them. Don’t let your fear or ego overshadow the connections.

Sometimes we choose to remain ignorant of the implications of certain connections. Still, no matter how hard you try you just can’t stay away from them. Well, that’s a sacred soul contract in your path.

If you are deeply intuitive, you’ll recognize soul connections immediately when you cross paths. Don’t be frustrated if the other person didn’t recognize it then. The conspiracies of the universe would make them cross the paths again and let them feel the pull of soul connections.

It’s not..

It’s not like you are incomplete now and on meeting your twin soul only you would be complete. Everyone is whole on their own. A twin soul can make you love yourself more, can make each other improve further. That’s it!

It’s not like romance always, but a platonic connection. It feels like you’ve known each other for ages. Twin flames need not be soul mates or lovers. They are more like two halves of the same soul. Or may be one soul which got split into two bodies. So a soul deep connection doesn’t always mean romantic love!

It’s not like twin flames are meant to be together always. They may appear from nowhere, teach you something and leave. Its purpose is to awaken your soul.

It’s not like never you’ll walk away from a twin soul connection. The important part is you keep coming back together. Even after months or years you’ll just find your way back to your twin soul. Though some may never even reappear!

It’s not like everyone can recognize this most powerful soul encounter when it happens. Moreover only a very few are capable of engaging in it even if understood.

What happens on meeting your twin soul?

1. A twin soul can catch your vibes no matter how distant they are. They can read you and feel you like a mind within the mind.

2. They are like your mirror, reflecting your good as well as bad. So it’ll be pleasing and painful. It needn’t always be positive, but it’s always meaningful. And pure.

3. The energetic tie between soul connections are exceptionally strong. You can’t run away from it as it’s beyond your rationals.

4. You can not bear the separation once you meet them. You will keep on chasing them even if they walk away. Nothing can fade the synergy between twin flames. No matter where they are, or how fast they are going.

Eclipse is nothing but the true love story of twin souls who rarely met, the sun and the moon

Now, accept this part of the vibes too

Sometimes people enter into your life, vibe with you for a while and then leave. Accept it. But it is this concept of ‘forever’ which makes things complicated. Now just think, they were sent to you for a purpose & left when over. Life is all about a journey of moments. Go on..

Read the poetry None can mirror me better than you

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