Chosen as a Top Finalist in a Poetry Contest

The happiness when your poem finds home in an anthology

Excited to win the position of one of the top finalists in the Wingless Dreamer 3 Elements Poetry Contest 2022.

I’m honored that my poem “A drop from memory palette” is published in the anthology “3 Elements Poetry Review” by Wingless Dreamer.

It was in March 2022 that I participated in this poetry contest conducted by Wingless Dreamer. The challenge was to compose a finest poem using 3 elements namely -Broken, Memory, and Name.

The poem starts like this,

Someone peeking through the corners of my eyes
Oh! well it is a teardrop from the past 
an old friend from memory palette.
I call her Odyssey
I kiss and wipe her at the same time
kiss her for making me matured,
wipe her for making me broken..

Catch more in the book. The book is ready for pre-order. Check it here

I feel like my poem has found its home. Thank you so much!!

Poetry is nothing but a POisEd TheRapY

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