frozen notions


Every time I try to untouch
the tides of trauma
the same oceanic depths of grief
grabs my empty oyster shells on the shore
which I try hard to conceal.
No matter how many times
the waves are sent away from
my shore of frozen notions,
sinking me in, stabbing me deep
they flood silently in and out of my shells.


You think that you know her
But you don’t know 
how good she can hide 
an ocean in her waves of notions.
You can’t even touch her disquiet
as they are swimming 
in the brew of a wild storm
Maybe you know her.. 
but just a part of her frozen notions 
which she peddles you knowingly 


Shrieking inside
but frostbitten screams.
They sprouted strangely
on the slip knot of empty clouds
Queerly tangled on torrents
in an expunged dimension of time
they showered into nature's palette. 
where the frozen notions swanned vividly 
though the wilderness of a bamboo forest
until a night breeze began to whisper her name..

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