A dew chimes: Published

Published – My first poetry book

An exciting update on A dew chimes.

It’s finally there. A dew chimes, my very first poetry book is out now. Finally I get to share and celebrate my first poetry collection with you.

This is a moment of satisfaction..a moment of enjoying the meaningfulness of determination!

A dew chimes

It was running on Pre order in the last week. And now it is launched totally!

My first poetry book- A Dew Chimes (Misty Poems)

Won’t you grab your copies and support me with an Amazon review at the earliest possible?

I don’t have words right now to express how thankful I’m to all my readers and supporters. Much love to you guys..

This is an eBook which is currently available on Amazon. Links are below

Amazon.in : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Amazon.com : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Also available in all KDP marketplaces

Story behind my first Poetry book

I was carrying some 80 poems in my womb. Nourishing and cherishing them mindfully. Maybe I lived a little more in the moments that to my surprise those moments again started to bloom a new set of poetry in silence, like flowers. A set of short verses with more or less 100 words. And I called it “A dew chimes”.

So here I’m with my second but officially first poetry book, ‘A dew Chimes’ in which I’ve experienced this magic of words expressing themselves to my weird notions.

(The book which I had started initially is undergoing many iterations. Hopefully I can publish it soon. )

Introduction to the book, A dew chimes

Are you that someone

  • who carries tender feelings in your heart,
  • who loves nature,
  • who finds happiness in small things,
  • who believes in soul connections,
  • who is a seeker and
  • who is a little bit weird and crazy…

If you are, this book is for you..

A dew chimes - Poetry published

This is an ebook with 60 poems.

The poems in the book are blooming under 7 different palates:

  • The soul of nature
  • Twin flames
  • Call me Insane
  • Intoxicated by Love
  • Pain cloud
  • Fantasy
  • Seek nothing.

Words are the moments which bloom poetry in silence, like flowers. A Dew Chimes is a collection of insightful moments in a poetic composition.

A dew chimes - Poetry published
A dew chimes

These poems are not just my tender feelings but insightful moments surfing through the tides of the present paying attention to simple acts.

Moreover this would be a page-turner for anyone who can understand English.

Even for the people who are not used to reading poems, I hope this would be a heartwarming experience.

Book details, A dew chimes

  • Book Title: A dew chimes
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Price: INR 99 or You can read it on Kindle Unlimited for free
  • Format: KDP eBook
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 18th June 2022
  • Marketplace: all KDP marketplaces

Right now it’s a kindle edition. You can read it on Kindle Unlimited for FREE!!

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have a Kindle device. You can read it on any of your devices, say mobile phone or laptop or any other such smart devices. I too read kindle books using my laptop only, not with a Kindle device.

Now relax your shoulders and listen to the richness of insightful moments in poetry. Hopefully, my poems will resonate with you as well.

There is no better teacher than “This Moment”.

A dew chimes : This moment
A dew chimes

Won’t you grab your copies and support me with an Amazon review at the earliest possible?

I want to say a huge thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me thus far!

Won’t you please share news of the book with poetry lovers in your circles too?

Also please grab your copies of the book! And support me with an Amazon review at the earliest possible.

Once again let me express my sincere thanks to you. Thank you so much for your kind support in my writing journey.

Letters are a way of my survival, the heartbeats that bypass the brain waves.

14 thoughts on “Published – My first poetry book

  1. How exciting! I am as we speak loading the Kindle edition to my tablet. I am so proud for you, as if I know you personally Akhila… as one of your oldest fans. more later and I’ll do a review.

    1. Wow.. you just made my day.. I’m so happy withis coincidence as I’m a person believing in signs from the universe.. I’m eagerly waiting for your feedback.. have a great time

      1. I accessed the Kindle version of your wonderful book, and then I read the whole thing! I earmarked some pages that I especially like, and when a paper copy comes out I will buy it. I love your writing, I always seem to understand and “feel” the emotions you are writing about. I will write a review on Amazon! I’m so proud of you. Also it gives me encouragement to publish a book of my own poems and stories from my blog…I need to get started on it.

        1. Thank you so much.. You just made my day!!

          I’m so happy that you could very well relate to the lyrics.. and more over what makes me thrilled is the news of your next venture.. happy that my #Adewchimes could be a trigger for that.

          I’m eagerly waiting for your book as well as your valuable comments on Amazon poetry page

    1. thanks Jaya.. always feel so good to hear from you that you read it in depth connecting to the emotions behind the post!.

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