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Do you know how much your support matters to a beginner writer?

Dear readers and writers,

Thank you so much for your kind support in my writing journey. It means the world to me!

But have you ever imagined how much your support matters to a writer.. a beginner writer like me..?

Every selling copy, every review/feedback and even simply word of mouth literally means a lot to the writer!

A dew chimes: Published

It wouldn’t cost you too much to buy a copy of the book.

Won’t you grab your copies now and support with an Amazon written review at the earliest possible? I’m speaking for not just me, but for all those amateur/novice writers like me!

A dew chimes

So it was in 2020 that I started working with my first poetry book and it is still undergoing refinements. But on 10th June 2022 I could release my second but officially first poetry book, A dew chimes for Pre order. It got published in all market places on 18th June 2022. (In a way A Dew Chimes is the byproduct of that bigger dream which was started in 2020).

I’m not a professional writer. When I’m publishing something I put in my best because I’m doing it for myself, venting myself out. So far I haven’t hired any editorial/illustratory services. So obviously the contents would be lacking a professional touch. Maybe in the future when I’m in a better position I can think about hiring professional services.

Also I’m excited to let you know that since day 1 of its launch, the book is in the “Top 100 Bestsellers Kindle Poetry” page of Amazon India. Not bad for a baby author that no one’s heard of. I owe it all to my readers and supporters. Thanks to all the authors, poets and bloggers who have supported me so far.

If you haven’t purchased it yet please grab your copies of the book! Here you go : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

novice writers


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