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Welcome to wordsandnotion’s newsletter!

Welcome to wordsandnotion’s newsletter!

Reflecting you
Bleeding out the intoxicated me,
I write for us. 

A huge thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me thus far! I’d love to stay connected with you through my blog newsletter. The newsletter landing page is also launched here.

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Wordsandnotion's newsletter

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Are you that someone

  • Who feels emotions deeper; be it compassion, love, pain, pleasure or depression
  • Who loves to explore the meaning of life, soul connections, signs from universe
  • Who loves poetry and motivational quotes

If you are this blog is for you.

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It has been 10 plus years that I’m into blogging.

I write to express my self, I write what I feel, what I feel only.

Won’t you join me as I launch my newsletter.. And spread the word..?

Thank you so much for being there with my words and notion.

Only valuable emails from me, promise!

With love


In fact it was a little heavy process to establish the newsletter system. I used free version of email subcribers and newsletter pluggin along with wpmail SMTP. I will try to write a post on this newsletter making process when possible.

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