Love is not a trade: An unconditional love story

Love is not a trade: An unconditional love story

Love is not a trade

Can love be a trade..?


okay..let me ask this way,

whether you hear or not, can a wind-chime stop humming..?


I love you, not because you love me, but ‘cause I love you. That’s all!

There are certain things in life which we can only invest seeking no returns. And the moment you expect to get it back, you are turning on a trading.

So as, there are many loves in the air, untold ones, unrequited ones, unappreciated ones, unconditional ones etc.

In our eyes, love is a two way connection. It’s a pain when one can only feel it. Still there are people who love unconditionally no matter whether they are together or not. They are neither sad too.. ‘cause they are not expecting to be loved back..

So recently when I watched this Movie: Meri Pyari Bindu, I felt like there would be many who can relate to this story of Bindu and Bubla from the Movie. It is is a 2017 Indian Hindi language film.

Unconditional love story of Abhi and Bubla

Well, I’m not going to throw the entire story here, but some excerpts and my way of taking it only.

A movie can be a happy ending even if the hero and heroine cannot be together. Meri pyaari bindu was such a movie where in Abhimanyu Roy (Ayushmann Khurrana), a successful writer is narrating his own love story.

It gives a soothing feeling ..It’s not the usual romantic type, but a heart touching film, a movie about an undeniable connection, but still it just keeps everything so light that at the end we don’t feel it heavy as Bindu and Bubla(Abhi) are not together. But seeing them dancing together at the birthday party at the end makes it light too.

The varying human mindsets and emotions are well portrayed in the movie. And most importantly it conveys “Love is not a trade” and Winning in love cannot be losing yourself

Winning in love cannot be losing yourself

I have even found reviews of the movie as “story line is not convincing.” .. Yep it’s not convincing as the whole thing was from Bubla’s dimension only. It would have been totally different if Bindu was narrating this!. Well, that itself is the whole point of the movie, I think!

That’s why we don’t understand Bindu’s decisions or choices. She only knows what made her marry a random guy rejecting Abhi. (She rejected Abhi’s marriage proposal as she wanted to focus on her singing career and later married a random guy) Even towards the end Bindu acknowledges this fact and says that her version would have been much different if she was writing the story instead of Abhi.

Towards the end Abhi says “This story is ours, just ours, I don’t want someone else read this, I don’t want my mom, your husband read this.“

Whenever I watch a movie, I don’t much check on the technicality of it.. If it entertained me or not.. that’s it.. So here also I really loved this whole movie- The positivity throughout and its lightheartedness without losing the essence of unconditional love!!

This is a translation of the song “Maana ke hum yaar nahin” from the movie without which I feel this article would be incomplete.

I agree that we're not friends 
It's a fact that we're not in love 
But still you don't look into my eyes 
As I can't trust the heart 
If you come across me in the streets 
Then stop to shake hands with me 
If someone else is there with you 
Then just smile from a distance 
But your smile should be the one 
In which there's no declaration 
Don't express it from your eyes 
The fact that you can't deny 
The flowers that are inside the papers 
You go ahead and turn them into dust 
If my name comes up somewhere 
Then call it as a mistake 
But that mistake should be the one 
That doesn't annoy you 
If you happen to sleep like me 
Then you won't find peace even for a moment 
I agree that we're not friends 

Love is so imperative that it can be so sane and insane at the same time

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  1. I haven’t watched this movie, but I have heard a lot about it. I am very keen to watch this movie and that song is beautiful. I agree that love is love even if the other person doesn’t feel the same.

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