To people who are in their twenties

To people who are in their twenties

People who are in their twenties, please read this seriously. For others it’s not too late, it’s always better to start sooner rather than later.

The whole intention of the article is not to explain how to find your goals/purpose or how to channelize your energy or how to attain financial freedom. Rather a quick reminder especially to the growing generation to handle all the curve-balls life throws their way.!!

Keep these three things in mind

  • Be emotionally intelligent
  • Do something you love
  • Be financially independent

Why should these kids be fed with a vast variety of information even at their younger stage in the form of books..? At the start, Let them find themselves, let them be aware of their emotions as well as ambitions, let them be self driven, let them be empathetic, the rest would follow. Isn’t what is needed essentially to go further coping with life’s curve-balls and pursue their dreams?

Emotional intelligence is about the ability to look within as well as to be present in the world around you. Read more on emotionally intelligence

Do something you love. There is nothing right or wrong. There is nothing like perfect. You don’t have to suppress what you are feeling inside. Be clear with yourself about what you want.

Start investing wisely. Financial freedom is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s available to anyone who thinks about it, learns about it and works for it.

Be emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is nothing but the control over one’s own emotions. Controlling doesn’t mean suppressing your emotions and finally becoming a victim of self criticisms. It’s much beyond that. It’s about self awareness while feeling or expressing your emotions. Yes, you must satisfy your ego too while having compassion towards others. After all, if you can’t feel for yourself, how can you empathize with others?

Emotional intelligence (EI) breaks the stereotypical thinking and nourishes once to grow with self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills. If properly trained on EI, you would be self-driven, able to manage yourself better and relate to others around you easily.

Obviously mindfulness practices will aid in nurturing emotional intelligence.

Be aware of your natural strengths and do what you love

All of us possess certain natural strengths though sometimes we fail to recognize these strengths. Awaken your senses and understand your real strengths. Differentiate your perceived self from the real self. When your real self is known to you, when you are aware of your real strengths, your passion would get aligned with a purpose and the universe will stand for you then.

Often we forget our way to happiness while being bogged down with negative feelings and society benchmarks. Permanent happiness comes with a realization of the inherent goal of our real selves. So Learn how to channelize your energy.

That plant in your mind
if watered daily and
touched passionately,
would bloom one day

Don’t do anything if you don’t feel motivated. It would be artificial if you are doing just for the sake of it.

Be financially independent

Financial freedom is not about piling up money and sleeping on the top of it, but having enough to meet your expenses so that you can spend your precious time doing what you like rather than doing things just to earn money.

Keep in mind that stagnant money neither serves any nor it grows on its own. You might be cutting expenses to save money. But how long you can do that!. There is a limit beyond which you can’t cut the expenses. Increasing your income is more important than just saving money for attaining financial freedom. Because the money must grow!

And moreover Financial freedom is not just about money matters but it is about your self worth and freedom. Financial Independence is all about flexibility

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9 thoughts on “To people who are in their twenties

  1. I completely agree with you. The twenties are the deciding phase of your life when you can make it or break it. It’s easy to lose direction in this phase due to many temptations and a lack of maturity. I want to add one thing for people who are in their twenties. Don’t let others make decisions for you even if they are your parents. Listen to all, but the final decision should be yours so that you don’t regret later that someone else decides your future.

    1. Yes.. as I mentioned in the post people should be able to differentiate between their perceived self and real self…perceived self is the biased version which originates from the society
      Thank you for your words Manoj..glad that you emphasized it!!

    1. Yes.. totally they should be self driven and free of biases. As I mentioned in the post they should be able to differentiate between their perceived self and real self…

  2. This is such a brilliant post Akhila..i agree with you here.

    P. S

    I finished your book and i so love it. I left a review in Amazon and goodreads..

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