A letter to you from a dew heart..

Words are the bushes which bloom a poetry in silence, like flowers!

Here is a letter to you from a dew heart..

Poem titled “Blooming quiet”

Do you meditate in the symphony of nature?

Life is good when you are able to meditate in the symphony of nature. So let me take you to a poem titled “Blooming quiet” from my poetry book “A dew chimes”. This poem is about a bud unfolding the self and blooming silently.

A new flower blooming in the garden can bring me a smile. I wonder upon its silent grace and I feel a lot much seeing it bloom. It never asks for anything. It never thinks of competing with the adjacent flower. It doesn’t care if someone is watching it blooming. It doesn’t even care how or when it is going to bloom. It just blooms. That’s all!

No rivalries
No worries
No noise
Just engraving itself in the present moment 
a flower opens silently in its own time and pace.

There is a flower in every soul which can flabbergast others!

There is a soul in every flower which blooms silently. So as there is a flower rooting in every soul which can flabbergast others. May you find that bloom inside you at the right time..

Listen calmly
there is a flower
blooming in silence
Speak kindly
people are going through
many wars inside

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