Don’t try to see good in everything always

Don’t try to see good in everything always

Trying to see good in everything always..?

People say it as a good habit. Everyone in fact asks us to see good in others. Yeah..It’s good too.

I always try to see good in everything. Actually it is not a try, rather it just happens naturally. In fact, how I see them affects me far more than it affects them. Maybe I don’t want to hurt myself by believing that they were hurting me purposefully in the past. So the weird mind speaks for them. Even sometimes the weird mind goes to this extent that it criticizes myself while favoring them.

Don’t try to see good in everything always

Constantly looking for angels even inside demons can bring pain too..

Previously I was so naive to feel genuineness in people with whomever I interacted. I trusted everyone so easily. I thought the world was genuine too. . Well, I have changed now. But still I care.. I’ll always care.. And I always love to see the good in others, but I don’t trust all that easily.

If they don’t need you, they will show it. Then believe them. Just believe their act as they are literally not going to care about you. At least then, realize where you stand and don’t stay anymore or don’t beg them to stay with you. Usually we would be tempted to ignore their acts out of our intimacy for them. But if they do it, they’ll do it again and you will get hurt again. Grow up and start to observe what they literally show you. Walk away before any bitterness pile up in your mind. Do not get hurt by the same person over and over again.

We have to self remind these three things,

  1. Don’t try to push aside what they literally show you, with your affection for them.
  2. Stop justifying them and criticizing yourself even when you are hurt.
  3. Don’t waste your time on worthless people.

If someone ignores you, just grow up. Don’t sacrifice too much, no one cares. And most importantly you should not forget the relationship with yourself.

Do yourself justice

So you don’t have to stop trying to see good in everything. See good in them not for them but for yourself! Life is too short to compromise your inner peace. And don’t waste your time on worthless people. Do yourself justice!!

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