Poetry : I heard the Moon asking


I walked in the woods

in a moonlit night

seeking nothing,

but just immersing in.

And then I heard the Moon asking

‘what makes you so fond of me

that you keep on choosing me everyday?’

Some (yes, it was ocean) replied hesitantly

‘Maybe I’m wrong.. but always

I had this strong feeling

that I know you, the reason

why I can’t avoid you or come closer..’

Uplifting the oceanic tides,

the moon said, ‘call me selfish,

but I wont let you give up on me’


I could feel,

the ethereal warmth of moon embracing

the silence of ocean soul.

And I caught myself smiling

seeing the entwined souls..

I heard the Moon asking

So yesterday morning I had this amazing view of moon at 4am. It was just mesmerizing. It reminds, “If you are waiting for the perfect timing, you are not living in the moment. Good and bad shall pass, but this moment matters. Whatever happens let it be. Live and add life to your moments..

There are a million little moments of stars draped in my sky of notions, each weaving different stories. I happily embrace each passing moment in the echoes of my notions.

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