Don’t respect women 'cause they are women

Don’t respect women ’cause they are women

I’m a woman

But I don’t need any woman card for my living

I don’t need any crown on my head to be respected,

But I do have some scars of a childbirth though out my body

I’m always proud of those scars

And so as him, my love..!!

Don’t respect women ’cause they are women

Don’t be women biased, but be human biased !

People say respect your women (sometimes, as if its a favour given). Don’t respect women for being women. Why respect someone for being who they were born as? She is a A woman of her own rules. You don’t have to respect the gender. Respect only if they earn your respect.

Women are not to be respected just because they own the woman label. And at the same time never undervalue the soul who sacrificed their own body to carry you for 9 months, who carries those scars of childbirth through out their life. Shower some extra love on those scars of childbirth. And love each other a little more everyday..

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