A dew chimes

People ask me, how much will you get from book sales

And I reply “lots of happiness & loads of smile

Being recognized.. Being read.. That matters a lot! Right?

Thank you so much for your kind support in my writing journey.

And today I just thought like I should share some those reviews by some of those wonderful ladies here in wordpress.. Much love to you all..

I am genuinely thankful to all my readers, supporters and followers worldwide.

Review by Susi Bocks who writes at I Write Her

Review by Michnavs who writes at michnavs

A dew CHimes review by Mich

Review by Shreya Sharma who writes at Mysterious Soul

A dew CHimes review by Shreya

Review by Swati Khatri who writes at swatikhatri

A dew CHimes review by Swati

This is the dew gleaming on the cover of #Adewchimes

A dew chimes

If you have Kindle subscription you can download the book free!!

This is an eBook which is currently available on Amazon. Links are below

Amazon.in : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Amazon.com : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Also available in all KDP marketplaces!!

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