If you too felt it

If you too felt it.. : Poetry

No matter how imperfect we are,

and unmatching we are

I can not give up on you.

If you too felt it..

When I saw your soul, I felt mine

I saw forever in your eyes

And lost myself into a magic tunnel, YOU.

If you too felt it..

I bathe in the moon, talk to the ocean and

put together an insane love story

from the pieces of dangling stars.

If you too felt it..

My particle logic is so insane that

each and every wave of my quantum particle whispers your name

I can not stop being obsessed on you.

If you too felt it..

I thought you knew my heart but you saw it’s tides only

When your words penetrate my mind

I write and wrap my poems around my wounds.

If you too felt it..

Still I’m under your spell, imprisoned by love.

The warmth of my love for you is what makes me breath

Into you I pour myself.

If you too felt it..

You’re always privileged to be in my oxygenated poetries

which I breathe in and would never ever exhale..

And here, my secrets of seasons blossom into an autumn poetry.

If you too felt it..

Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.


Pic Courtesy to my brother

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