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A journey of self-discovery- part 4: Quantum schizophrenia

I started to feel like I am everywhere while nowhere. I have everything while nothing.. Am I enjoying some state of quantum schizophrenia?

I’m trying to cross that river connecting Quantum Mechanics and consciousness. A deep hollow tunnel appearing quite frequently in my dreams is trying to convey something. But I’m not able to decode it yet. I know, the revelation awaits somewhere there.

Now that I wrote this, the word” tunnel”, it hits me differently. Is it telling me something about quantum tunneling..?

Sometimes I feel like I’m taken by a blackhole..there is no just grabs me in ..and I find myself at the center of the black hole..these hallucinations happen just for a few seconds.. Infact i still don’t know how well I can put it into words! Probably the word ‘blackhole’ itself is a wrong choice. Maybe it is the tunnel of Quantum Schizophrenia.

Entire universe is nothing more than a mere quantum excitation of emptiness, so as our thoughts. From nowhere it arises, gets excited, expands on its own, and then what..?

What does make you “you”?- the underlying cells( which don’t know each other, but still work for you) or the quantum consciousness (which knows everything)..?

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