She loved sky, all of it's tones

She loved sky, all of it’s tones

She loved the sky, all of its tones. But she could rarely watch the sky. As she was having a thick canopy of dense forest all around her soul!

She stayed awake under the moon with those invisible threads; still a mystery in the rhymes of sky!

At the edge of her sky there were raw thoughts carefully etched on shimmering clouds waiting to be poured out!

She nestled herself within a kaleidoscope of a poetic moon. And hence no one could easily enter her realm. She was keeping a promise forever!

She wept all alone, but laughed with the trees and birds. She always wore that smile that could hold galaxies together!

Her beauty was not outward, but deep in her heart. So that the world thought she was shining from within. But she knew she was just a part of the cosmos, nothing more, nothing less!

She was surviving herself without telling anyone while her thoughts occulted by the moon plummeted into the ocean beneath!

A trillion words whirled in her head behind a non syllabic lyric called silence while she was craving for some deep conversations!

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