Cry if you want to

Cry if you want to!

Are you forcing yourself to stay calm or atleast not to cry?

Are you refraining from venting out?

Are you afraid to share what you are feeling?

If so, you are simply accepting an invitation from depression and other health hazards.

“Strong men don’t cry” is unfortunately just another cliché in society.

In fact if you are not crying,

if you are simply bottling your emotions up,

do you think it’s ultimately making you stronger?

It is definitely not!

You are simply disrupting the normal balance of cortisol—the stress hormone.

These suppressed stress hormones can ruin you very badly. It can lead to some serious physical problems unless properly addressed. Over the years it can backfire in unexpected ways too.

So what’s the point in eating stress without caring about the damage it can bring to our own well being!

Cry whenever you want to. Don’t keep your emotions close to your chest for long. Don’t bother what others think. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Because ultimately it’s your thing, your pain which none can understand fully. Above all why do want to take a chance with your own health by bottling up these emotions!

And express your emotions if there are some genuine listening ears. Just say what you feel.

Then, another stigma is that these emotions are a women thing. It is not so. Emotions are a human thing. Gender has got nothing to with that. We really need to normalize a man crying.

Do your things
Do whatever is right for you
Cry if you want to
Laugh whenever you feel to 
Own whatever you do and
Without escaping, attend your emotions 

And dear guys, take good care of your mental and physical health .

Heartbroken Neymar Pic courtesy to Google

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