Some connections never leave your nerves.

Some connections never leave your nerves

Some connections never leave your nerves.

There are some special people who imprints such unforgettable feelings within our minds. It happens even in this blogging world.

In fact there are a few such unforgettable connections which I had from here. No matter whether it is virtual or real, it stays with me.

Sha’Tara is one among them. I know nothing about her in person. But I really loved the interactions we had in wordpress and thoughts behind her blog Burning Woman.

We were interacting in the blog for almost 6+ years. But in 2022, I couldn’t hear from her. Even by 2021 itself her blogging frequency has been reduced. So I thought she would come back after a gap. And occasionally I used to visit her blog to check if she has come back. But she didn’t appear. Was wondering what happened. Then last week, I just randomly scrolled through the comments in her blog and it took me here.

I’m quite sure, there would be many who were having such a great rapport with Shatara, just like me. So I’m adding the screenshot here for them. ( In fact from that comment only, I came to know that Burning woman is a he and not a she. But it doesn’t matter)

We will all miss you Shatara. May your soul rest in peace. Lotta love!

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