Dear me,

How are you doing?

Me too fine.. Loading to 2023.. hand flipping the 2022 calendar to 2023 year

You remember, I was in ICU when 2022 started.. Hospitals, diagnosis, tests, reviews… What a happening NEW #NewYear was last time..

Whatever, I’m still alive with some ups and downs.

Well done to me for surviving!!

2022 taught me many things and the supreme one is

Health first- mental & physical

You know that I am a person who exercises regularly and try to stay physically active.

I still practice yoga in the morning and walk for 30 minutes in the evening everyday except on my period days. Still my 2022 started with medical checkups. Well, it can happen. That’s why even the doctors called me a puzzle.. (because I was otherwise fit in all the diagnosis). Whatever their medicines worked fortunately even though they attributed my illness to some unknown reasons. Things may not always be going well. But I am quite sure that

A can-do attitude can play magic for oneself.

I will try to do things which I have never done before and most importantly I will ensure that I’m doing something. It will help me to stay busy, busy and busy, when life gets hard. Moreover it is the best way to stay calm. And you know that I’m happier when I’m busy.

I need to keep moving forward without wasting my energy on things that I can not control. But I can control the way that I handle it. So I will never give up. You too. Our life is our story.

I wish, may every soul in this universe could fill this brand new book titled 2023, containing 365 pages with more health and happiness. Let us own nothing but the moments we are in.

With love
Your Present Self


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6 thoughts on “A letter to my future self

  1. I completely agree with you that health is the most important thing. If we are not healthy we can’t do anything irrespective of how much we like it.

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