I’m not going to change for anyone.. Sure..?

I’m not going to change for anyone.. Sure..?

People say, this is me. I’m not going to change for anyone. If you cannot adjust me, get away. Well, no offense. But just a question to you “Aren’t you a social being?”

The social media and all such have created this impact on us that we can do whatever we want.

Self-love and all are good, but at the same time don’t forget that you are a matured person too who can differentiate good and bad, who can understand the damage your toxicity might cause to others.

Yes, you can do whatever you want but without hurting others. If you must change any or some of your personal traits, you must. Remember you are free to change and fix yourself.

Change not for others, but for your own betterment.

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The more experiences you get in life the wiser you become. So, live in the moment without compromising self-compassion. Today’s rights need not be a better option for tomorrow as the world itself is changing and releasing many unknowns. So have a little room for flexibility too for tomorrow.

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