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Publishing a poetry book as paperback…?

It has been 8+ months since I published my poetry book, A dew chimes.

Many of my readers and friends were requesting a physical copy of the book from the day 1 onwards. So, I always had this thought in the back of my head, to get it published as a paperback. In fact, I have tried to contact many of the traditional publishers too. But unfortunately, either it was a no response or a rejection.

It is not at all easy to get a publisher for a first time author, especially if the book is poetry genre.

Can any help me in getting my “A dew chimes” published as a paperback…? Or at least share your experience in publishing a poetry book… I would like to hear from my readers.

A dew chimes is currently an eBook which is available on Amazon. Links are below.

Amazon.in : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Amazon.com : A dew chimes- Misty Poems by Akhila

Also available in all KDP marketplaces!!

I cannot express how thankful I’m to you all for being there with me throughout my writing journey.

2 thoughts on “Publishing a poetry book as paperback…?

  1. I bought your book via amazon’s kdp Akhila. Amazon offers paperback publication too. If you already had it uploaded for the kdp file you can just republish it and reformat as paperback. Amazon has specifications you’d be able to navigate through it. With this, your readers will have option to either buy the kdp file or paperback.

    1. Thanks Mich.. I have seen that option in Amzon. But unfortunately it wont be available in India. So was thinking to find a publisher. Finally got one and the book is there in amazon.in as paperback now

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