Books can hear you

With the advent of digitization, there are many books which you can listen to. But what about books listening you..? Yes, books can hear you!

Have you experienced this bizarre listening by books?

Most of the times books take me to their world. A world which is far away from the realities. I live there with those characters in the book. I become one of them. I talk to them; they listen and respond.

I don’t know how the books can hear me and listen to my thoughts while helping me to explore new paths. It’s an inexplicable feeling as if I’m living multi lives and creating many worlds.

And on reaching the final pages, some missing feelings hit me. And I wonder if books were a kind of escape mechanism.. or is that a dream in hand..?

Today, April 23rd is World Book Day 2023! The theme for World Book Day 2023 is ‘Indigenous Languages.’ It focuses on promoting the diversity in native languages of a country.

So wishing you all a very happy book day..Read if you wish to: Is there anything better than books for brain cells orgasm!

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